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The following is a very timely and thought-provoking article from the latest issue of the Prophecy in the News magazine.  Batman enthusiasts should find it especially interesting and unlike any other Joker-related content they’ve ever run across.  This character will probably never be thought of in the same way again.  Enjoy!


by Gary Stearman

Anyone within earshot of a radio or television heard about the recent movie massacre in Aurora, Colorado. A mad gunman had killed 12 and wounded 58. Why? Instant analysis blamed everything from guns to drugs, but missed the true cause of this egregious event.

Shocked inquiries ripped across the country like bolts of lightning. By the end of the day on Friday, the 20th of July, the whole country expressed shocked curiosity about the shooter: “Who is James Holmes?” Sadly, in the hours that followed the carnage, many were already politicizing the event, attributing everything about the killer to their particular list of grievances.

Holmes had walked into the midnight premier of the latest Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises. Armed to the teeth and clothed in expensive riot gear, he proclaimed himself to be Batman’s nemesis, “The Joker,” as he walked to the front of the theater and began to strafe the crowd of men, women and children with dozens of rounds of ammunition. Many thought he was part of the performance.

He had dyed his hair red for the occasion, apparently intent upon adopting the persona of Batman’s clownlike arch-enemy, a warped personality named after the wild playing card of the same name. (He didn’t get his makeup right – the hair should have been green!) After his shooting spree, he calmly met the police in the parking lot near his car and informed them of his adopted personality. He had literally inserted himself into the movie!

What was he attempting to do? He is a college student who graduated with honors. Why did he feel the need to project the twisted persona of a comic psychopath? Who is this strange character, anyway?

Many are now trying to make some kind of sense of the entire affair. As we look at the Joker’s history, comparing it with Scripture, a striking truth emerges […]

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