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Here’s the final installment to the Javier Solana series.

Solana – Forerunner to the Antichrist?

By Meshawn Senior

In the previous installment, “Solana and the Middle East,” we discussed Javier Solana’s various influences in the affairs of the Middle East.  It was also mentioned that because of his fervent involvement in this region’s peace process, some people wonder if this very powerful European politician could possibly fit the description of the Antichrist spoken of in the Bible.

First of all, it should be noted that this article is in no way, shape, or form attempting to claim that Javier Solana is the Antichrist.  It is this writer’s opinion that no one besides God, Himself, knows who this particular person will be.  No human being will know for sure who he will be until certain prophetic events come to pass as mentioned in the book of Daniel and other books of the Bible.  These will be discussed in this article.

Secondly, there was a statement made in the previous article that needs to be clarified.  It was stated that the Antichrist was “spoken of in the prophetic book of Daniel.”  However, the actual term “Antichrist” is not mentioned in the book of Daniel, nor anywhere else in the Old Testament of scripture.  This is a New Testament term and Christians consider this person to be one and the same with the “king of fierce countenance” spoken of in the book of Daniel.

There was a book published in 2003 by the late Herb Peters entitled “Recommendation 666” which did a lot to fuel the current interest in Javier Solana.  We will refer to this book often in this last installment of the series.  Of note, Mr. Peters prefaced his book by stating, “I’m not claiming to know who the Antichrist is.  Although I do focus on an intriguing European leader, this doesn’t mean he is the Antichrist.  What I do believe, however, is that this new leader is doing many of the things the Bible tells us the Antichrist will do.  And, his powerful, new office within the European Union may soon belong to the Antichrist.”

So let’s begin by defining the word “Antichrist”.  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the term as:  1) one who denies or opposes Christ; specifically : a great antagonist expected to fill the world with wickedness but to be conquered forever by Christ at his second coming, and 2) a false Christ.

The New Testament describes an “antichrist” as anyone who “denies that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh” (II John 1:7) and also, anyone who denies “the Father and the Son” (I John 2:2).  This definition can include many who have lived throughout the ages.  However, there is one person who will come on the scene who will be a worldwide tyrant – one that will magnify himself above every god and will blaspheme the name of the one true God.  He will also require the people of the earth to worship him.  This person will be known as the Antichrist or the Anti-Messiah.

According to Daniel 9:27, this world dictator will “confirm the covenant with many for one week.”  In the original Hebrew, the word written for “one week” is “shabua” which means “seven.”  This can apply to a time period of seven days or seven years.  It is widely accepted that this particular passage is referring to seven years.

In the previous segment of this series, it was mentioned that Javier Solana developed the European Neighbourhood Policy which directly involves Israel, the Palestinians, and other Middle Eastern countries.  Although this policy was developed in 2004, it did not go into effect until January 1, 2007, and it is scheduled to last for a period of seven years.  Some believe that this is the “covenant with many” that Daniel the prophet spoke of.

Another item that raised the prophetic antennae of many theologians was the development of a certain legal document that gave Solana’s office as High Representative even more power.  This document is entitled Recommendation 666.  Here is a quote from Herb Peter’s book of the same title:

“Number 12 of the Recommendation suggested that the High Representative be given something extraordinary. In the event of an emergency, the High Representative has the authority to step in and take control of the EU’s new military machinery. One would think such powers would be reserved for the EU presidency.

As I thought about this, I realized the stage may now be set for the rise of the Antichrist. If a big enough crisis were to occur before the dangerous democratic deficit that now exists in the EU’s military wing is resolved, then the High Representative could step in and invoke his emergency powers given to him by Recommendation 666.”  (Recommendation 666, page 98)

So we see that Solana implemented the European Neighbourhood Policy for a period of seven years.  We also see that there was a document entitled Recommendation 666 that strengthened Solana’s already powerful position.  But what made Mr. Peters really take notice was the number of the document.  It is the infamous number “666” as mentioned in the book of Revelation in the following passage:  “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.” (Revelation 13:18)

Mr. Peters goes on to say, “Should Solana, or some future High Representative, ever step in and take power in such a manner – and create some kind of dictatorship – this person’s rise to power would be associated with the number 666.”

So does this mean that this particular document is a fulfillment of Revelation 13:18?  We shouldn’t be too quick to make that assumption.  This particular passage of scripture is highly obscure and we must be careful not to twist the meaning to fit our interpretation.  There have been numerous explanations for this verse and attempts to make it point to certain people throughout history.  However, only one can be correct.  The person who fits this cryptic description will be revealed at a time of God’s choosing.

The above are just a few of the reasons why certain theologians are keeping a close eye on Javier Solana as the possible Antichrist.  However, it is this writer’s opinion that the unveiling of this person will take place the middle of the “week of seven years,” referenced above.

Daniel 9:27 reads:  “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease,…”  This is referring to the animal sacrifices that Israel will be performing in their newly built temple.  The Antichrist will put an end to these sacrifices at that time.  This is one of the ways the world will know who this person is.  This verse goes on to say, “and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make [it] desolate,…”

So, this person will also implement the “abomination of desolation” spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24:15, which says, “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)”

In closing, let me assert that no one knows for sure if the European Neighbourhood Policy is the seven year covenant spoken of in Daniel 9:27.  And no one knows for sure what the “666” passage in Revelation 13:18 means, either.  Therefore, Solana remains one of many people who are speculated to be the Antichrist.

Of interest, Javier Solana announced his retirement on July 5, 2009, effective at the end of his term in October of this year.  This came as quite a surprise to many who have been following him over the years.  However, he stated that he would “keep his boots on.”  One can only imagine what this might mean.

This leads us to the obvious question:  “Who will be chosen to fill Solana’s position when he leaves?”  It will be very interesting to find out, to say the least.  We will all just have to keep our eyes and ears open and “stay tuned.”


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Solana and the Middle East

Here’s part three of the Javier Solana series,  To read the others, please click on the Politics – Europe category in the sidebar.

Solana and the Middle East

By Meshawn Senior

Previously in the article “The Many Faces of Javier Solana,” we learned why this very powerful European leader is referred to as “Mr. Europe.” We discussed the positions he presently holds in the European Union (EU), the Western European Union (WEU), and the European Defense Agency (EDA). In this segment of the series, we will see how Javier Solana has become a major player in the ongoing Middle East peace process.

His involvement began back in 2001 when former U.S. President Bill Clinton asked former Senator George Mitchell (who is now President Obama’s special envoy to the Middle East) to head up a committee to stop violence between Israel and the Palestinians during the al-Aqsa intifada in September of 2000. This uprising was the result of failed Camp David peace talks a few months earlier.

At that time, President Clinton asked Solana to be a part of Mitchell’s committee, which concluded that Israel was equally to blame for the violence. However, the truth that the Palestinians started the violence was completely ignored along with the fact that it continued under the leadership of Yasser Arafat. The members of the committee also called for a freeze on new Israeli settlements.

In 2004, the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) was developed under the direction of Solana. Its main purpose was to procure peace and security around the EU Neighbourhood, which the European Commission’s website explains “applies to the EU’s immediate neighbours by land or sea – Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine.” The website goes on to say that “although Russia is also a neighbour of the EU, our relations are instead developed through a Strategic Partnership covering four ‘common spaces’.”

Hence, this policy, developed by Solana, directly involves Israel and the “Occupied Palestinian Territory” as well as other Middle Eastern countries. Let’s see what other involvement he has had since the implementation of this ENP. Here are just some of the accounts:

  • In July of 2006, he met with Israel’s then Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni during the 2nd Lebanon war. Solana urged Israeli restraint in its retaliation against Lebanon.
  • In September of 2007, he met separately with then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.
  • Also in September of 2007, he met with Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdelelah Al-Khatib regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
  • A headline from Haaretz.com on October 21, 2007 reads “Solana and Iran’s new top nuclear official to meet next week.”
  • On November 27, 2007, he attended the Annapolis Middle East Summit held in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • In June of 2008, he handed over a package to Iran proposing that Tehran suspend its uranium enrichment.
  • In June of 2009, he held talks with a chief Hezbollah official. This was the first time an EU diplomat had ever held talks with this group, which the United States and Israel consider a terrorist organization.
  • And just a few weeks ago, on July 11, 2009, Solana called for a deadline on the establishment of a Palestinian state, which Israel quickly rejected.

Javier Solana’s tenacity in trying to affect the peace process in the Middle East has made many biblical prophecy enthusiasts take notice. Some even wonder if he could fit the description of the Antichrist spoken of in the prophetic book of Daniel. In the last installment of this series, we will discuss why some believe this is at least a possibility.

Once again, stay tuned …

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This is the second article in the series on Javier Solana.  If you haven’t read the first one yet, “The Rise of Javier Solana,” please scroll down to the previous post.  Enjoy!

Originally published on July 25, 2009 at 11:46 pm

The Many Faces of Javier Solana
By Meshawn Senior

In the previous article entitled “The Rise of Javier Solana,” we discussed Mr. Solana’s early background and steady rise up the ladder of success in politics. We will now focus on the more recent positions he has held over the past decade.

According to his curriculum vitae, after resigning from his position as the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in October of 1999, Javier Solana became the Secretary General of the Council of the European Union (EU) as well as the EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.  A month later, in November of 1999, he also acquired the title of Secretary General of the Western European Union (WEU).

Hence, since 1999, Javier Solana has held three of the highest positions in the EU and the WEU – concurrently, I might add.  That’s pretty impressive, is it not?  Well, he didn’t stop there.  On July 12, 2004, he also became the Head of the European Defence* Agency (EDA).

At the time of this article, Mr. Solana heads up four of the most powerful organizations in charge of governing, for all practical purposes, the entire continent of Europe!  However, this may cease to be the case in the very near future, details of which will be shared in a later segment.

With these facts in mind, let us examine the magnitude and scope of what this all means.  The following are descriptions of each of these government organizations headed by Javier Solana.

The European Union is “a unification of 27 member states united to create a political and economic community throughout Europe.” (About.com)  These 27 “member states” consist of sovereign countries that have acceded to the European Union.  Included in this list of countries are Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, and others.  Virtually all of Europe has agreed to align themselves with this very powerful political entity.

Here is a description of the Western European Union:  “Association of 10 European countries to coordinate matters of European security and defense. The WEU was formed in 1955 as an outgrowth of the Brussels Treaty of 1948. Composed of Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Britain, it works in cooperation with NATO and the European Union and is administered by a council of the foreign affairs and defense ministers of the member countries. There are also several associate members, observers, and associate partners. It is headquartered in Brussels.” (Answers.com under Britannica Concise Encyclopedia)

And finally, this is from the European Defence Agency’s own website:  “The European Defence Agency was established under a Joint Action of the Council of Ministers on 12 July, 2004, ‘to support the Member States and the Council in their effort to improve European defence capabilities in the field of crisis management and to sustain the European Security and Defence Policy as it stands now and develops in the future.’”

Now we see that Javier Solana is the foremost individual who calls the shots in all of these very powerful European political organizations.  It’s no wonder some have labeled him “Mr. Europe.”  However, this man’s influence is not only limited to Europe.  His political tentacles are far-reaching – even deeply into the affairs of the Middle East.  We will discuss this in the next segment.

Stay tuned …

*For American readers, this is how “defense” is spelled in Europe.

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The following is the first article in the series on Javier Solana that was published on Pray4bibi.com.  In case some of you haven’t been on that site to read it, I wanted to make it available here.

Originally published on July 16, 2009 at 3:39 am

Pray4bibi has started to follow a man named Javier Solana.  I have asked Meshawn Senior to write a four part series on this important figure in this century.  She has been following him for several years.  Here is the first of the series – Thank you Meshawn!

The Rise of Javier Solana, by Meshawn Senior

In the previous blog post entitled “Who is Javier Solana?,” you were introduced to a very influential person on the world scene today who “is considered to be the European Union’s top diplomat and one of the most powerful men in the world.”  It is expedient for our readers to pay particularly close attention to his movements – especially during the coming months.  I’m sure most of you have been hearing his name mentioned more and more in the news lately.  However, most people have no idea who this man is – especially those of us living in the United States.

So, who exactly is Javier Solana and how did he rise to his present position of political power and in such relative obscurity?  This article, and the ones following, will seek to give you an overview of the background of this key world player and the pertinent steps he has taken in his rise to worldwide political influence.

A Brief Background

Francisco Javier Solana de Madariaga was born in Madrid, Spain on July 14, 1942.  The son of a well-known Spanish family, he was educated in Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States where he received a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Virginia.  After returning to Spain, he taught physics at the Complutense University in Madrid for a number of years.  During this time, he authored over 30 publications.  He married Concepcion Gimenez and the couple have two children.

Mr. Solana’s political ambitions were birthed early on.  In 1964, under the regime of General Francisco Franco, he joined the Spanish Socialist Party, which was illegal under this regime.  He went on to be elected to several positions in this party over the next couple of decades.  He became a member of the Spanish Parliament in 1977.   Between the years of 1982 and 1995, he held various positions as Spanish Cabinet Minister – positions such as Minister for Culture, Minister for Education and Science, and Minister for Foreign Affairs.  Then, in 1995, he became the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and continued in this position until 1999.  Mr. Solana is also a member of the Spanish chapter of the Club of Rome.   (Information on the Club of Rome may be found at http://www.answers.com/topic/club-of-rome.)

These are just some of the components that have propelled Javier Solana to become probably the most powerful man in the world today.   It seems as if everything this man has set his mind to accomplish has been successful in a colossal way.   And the things mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg!

In the next installment of this series, we will discuss the most recent positions held by Mr. Solana – positions that directly affect Europe as a whole … and quite possibly the entire world.

To be continued …

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