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Recently, at my Jewish roots Bible study, we got into a discussion regarding why one of the words for God in the Bible – Elohim – is in the plural form in the original Hebrew of Genesis 1:1, and also why God says in Genesis 1:26, “Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness…” In fact, there are numerous other passages in which the plural form of God, Elohim, is used instead of other singular forms. Those familiar with the Shema know that God Himself said, “Hear O Israel: the LORD our God, the LORD is one!” (Deuteronomy 6:4) Interestingly, the word for God in this passage of scripture is Elohim (plural), but in the very next breath it says “the Lord is one!” So, why would God inspire the writers of the Bible to use the word Elohim in some passages instead of a singular form of the word?

At my Bible study, different people gave analogies in an attempt to explain this concept. One person gave the example of water being composed of H20, but with three different states – solid, liquid, and gas. Another example given was the analogy of a candle which consists of the wax, the wick, and the flame – all with different properties, but belonging to the same candle. Then I chimed in with what I had heard someone say several years ago that made a great deal of sense to me. I even wrote about it in one of my previous articles entitled “If I Should Die Before I Wake…

Basically, the person was trying to explain the concept of the Trinity, which we know is a heated point of contention between other religions and Christianity – and even within Christendom. He said that humans are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26) and we consist of three parts – spirit, soul, and body. (*Genesis 2:7, 1 Thessalonians 5:23)   However, we consider ourselves to be one person – not three. Likewise, God consists of three parts – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:19; I John 5:7) And just as the Shema states, He also considers Himself to be one – not three.

So perhaps this is the reason why the Bible uses the plural form for God, Elohim, because He is made up of three parts…just as we are.


*The word for breath in Hebrew is ruach – the word imitates the very sound of breath – is the same word for Spirit, as is the case in both ancient Greek (pneuma) and Latin (spiritus). God created man by putting His breath, His Spirit, within him.   (David Guzik: Study Guide for Genesis 2)


(Image Credit:  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Elohim_ebraico.jpeg)


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The following is a very timely message given by Israeli leader Amir Tsarfati about two weeks ago.  It centers around Isaiah 17:1 which says, “The burden against Damascus. ‘Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.'” Considering the current events that are happening with Syria, the United States, and Russia, will this scripture be fulfilled very soon? It looks like a strong possibility.

Please click on the following title to watch the video.  May it cause you to have an ever-present awareness of these last days that we’re living in — and may it also be a blessing to you.

The Burden Against Damascus

(Mr. Tsarfati’s introduction begins at minute 26:32.)

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There is only one Name under Heaven
Given to man by which we must be saved
He is above every dominion
Jesus Christ, Yeshua is His Name


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1 Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,

“Let us break Their bonds in pieces And cast away Their cords from us.”

He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision.

Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, And distress them in His deep displeasure:

“Yet I have set My King On My holy hill of Zion.”

“I will declare the decree: The Lord has said to Me, ‘You are My Son, Today I have begotten You.

Ask of Me, and I will give You The nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession.

You shall break them with a rod of iron; You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’”

10 Now therefore, be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth.

11 Serve the Lord with fear, And rejoice with trembling.

12 Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, And you perish in the way, When His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.

                                                                                       ~ Psalm 2

Food for Thought

The above passage is from the Tanach – the Holy Scriptures of the Jewish Bible.  It speaks of God’s “begotten Son.”  Compare this with the following…


For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”

(John 3:16-18 – New Covenant)

And that name is Yeshua ha Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah).  May these words bless you and encourage you.  Amen.

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The following is a video of a speech that was given by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger,” at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC on January 21, 2013.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE for all Americans and, in my opinion, a dire warning.  Please consider the words being said.



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German Box for Board Games Wikicommons Walters 7193

After the game, the king and the pawn

go into the same box.

~ Italian Proverb


In the game of chess, the players strategize to corner or checkmate the opposing side’s king.  Many pieces are used in order to do this – some more expendable than others.  At the bottom of importance is the lowly pawn.  But even though the king is the most valuable piece and the pawn is the least valuable, after the game ends, the fate of both is the same.  They both are placed in the same box.

Such is the case in real life.  All people – whether kings or commoners, rich or poor, famous or obscure – all will have the same fate one day.  We all will die.  Death is no respecter of persons…and neither is God. (Colossians 3:25)

We’re all made of the dust of the ground (Genesis 2:7), and no human life is more valuable than any other to God.  We are all made in His image and He loves us so much that He sent His Son to this earth to save us from the punishment of sin, which is eternal death.  (John 3:16)  He did this by becoming the perfect human sacrifice and shedding His blood to cover our sins because “without the shedding of blood, there is no remission” or forgiveness of sins.  (Hebrews 9:22)  He had to do this because the blood of animals could not permanently erase sin.  Only the blood of a perfect human being, without sin or blemish, could satisfy once and for all the requirements for permanently blotting out the sins of mankind.  This perfect human being is named Jesus Christ.  (Read all of Hebrews Chapter 9 for a thorough explanation of this.) 

Whether you’re a king or just a regular person, if you confess to God that you are a sinner and believe that His Son, Jesus, died on the cross to cover your sins, then when the day comes when you die and are placed in a box, you’ll have the assurance that you will have eternal life with God and not have to face an eternal death of unimaginable horrors.  The choice is yours.

Just something to think about…


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This is an awesome live performance by Israel Houghton of the song “Our God.” 

Be blessed!

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